Organic Makeup : The Latest Trend Toward "Going Natural"

by Danna Schneider

In the year of mineral makeups gaining huge popularity, and earthy types of themes for makeup, even with some of the top cosmetics companies adding natural products to their lines of makeup, now there is a new kid in town : Organic makeup and cosmetics.

Organic makeup and cosmetics are exactly what they sound like. These beauty products, like organic produce, foods and dairy products, are made completely free of anything "synthetic" or man made. They are made of environmentally friendly, pure earth-made ingredients, and a new and younger generation who is more environmentally and health conscious is just eating them up, so to speak.

One of the biggest makers and a prelude to the big organic cosmetics movement, is a company called Dr. Hauschka, which is a cosmetics and natural beauty product based in Germany, which sells only 100%, organically produced makeup and beauty products for women. Jennifer Aniston is reportedly a fan. Some of the organic ingredients commonly used in this new breed of cosmetics are organically grown pigmented fruits and veggie-derived, such as deeply stained berries and other highly pigmented, naturally occurring, and more importantly, organically grown plant life.

Other ingredients used as emulsifiers and consistency forming agents are items such as natural and organic oils, waxes, flower essences, mica, organic corn starch, minerals, clays and other bonding agents which work just as well, and arguably better than their man made counterparts.

With an increasing concern over health and a huge boost in "natural awareness" over the past few years, female consumers who make the cosmetics industry the multi billion dollar industry that it is today, are calling for more natural and healthy products, which also emphasize environmental awareness. A lot of bad press has also come to light that several ingredients commonly used in skin care products, cosmetics and makeup are known carcinogens that contain toxins as well as allergens that many people can react to who may not even know it.

Taking these man made irritants and allergens out and replacing them with healthy, wholesome and organically grown and minimally processed ingredients may also prove beneficial to the skin. Think about it. Your skin is probably better able to breath as well as given the benefit of not coming into contact with possible allergens which can only exacerbate skin conditions and irritate and redden the skin. Many organic cosmetic customers rave that the products "just agree" with their skin.

The prospective organic beauty products buyer must beware though. Some of these cosmetics that are labeled organic may not be the real deal. There are currently standards being put in place by Organic Groups who have consumers in mind and would like to formulate some sort of certification and labeling system for organic cosmetics, just as is currently in place for organic foods like produce and other consumable goods. Once this system is in place, this sector of the cosmetic and beauty market should take off like wildfire, and be the future of the beauty world, for a more health and environment conscious world.

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