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Enhance Your Beauty With Makeup

Proper makeup application should accentuate the positive, and hide flaws. Makeup tone and consistency is important, but of more importance is the type of lighting you will be seen in. You have probably read that makeup for day should be light and applied simply, using neurtral colors. This is because most office lighting is bright fluorescent lighting with a blueish undertone. This type of lighting sharpens all colors and sharply defines your features.Read More

How to Look 'Effortlessly' Beautiful

Since 'Effortlessly' is in quotes, you can safely assume that what this article talks about involves more than 1) Wake up 2) Look Beautiful. If you're the kind of girl who avoids playing sports because it 'messes up my makeup', or the kind of woman who sleeps in her makeup to avoid scaring her mate in the morning, then this article is for you.

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Face Cream Guide - Make up Basics

Doing makeup is essential whether you are in office or going out. Everyone wants to look attractive, attract attention, and be found pleasant by the opposite sex. There is something natural and instinctive about it. Whether you are married or single, young or middle aged, grooming is a part of our nature.

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