Clarks Wallabees A Perfect Pairing

Most women lust after shoes. They can spend hours in a shoe store picking out that perfect pair of shoes. Men, however, generally just want to get it done. They walk in, grab their size off the shelf, try them on, and walk home. Most men believe that men's shoes are all the same: they're either boots, sneakers, dress shoes, or slippers. What if there was a shoe that was none of these, and all of these at the same time? What if there was a shoe that was so comfortable you would never want to take it off? Welcome to the world of Clarks Wallabees.

A Bit Of History Clarks has been around for a long time. They have become known in England, and in the United States, as having some of the highest quality shoes, at the best prices, on the market. It all started with Cyrus and James Clark. In 1825, these two enterprising brothers set up a small business in Somerset, England. They focused on selling sheepskin slippers. In 1883, William Clark came into the picture, choosing to follow the shape of the foot rather than have the shoe be square and uncomfortable.

In 1950, Nathan Clark created the Desert Boot, a boot that had a crepe sole. Not to be beaten, Lance Clark created Clarks Wallabees in 1960. This shoe was a moccasin that was built to be the most comfortable, and lasting, shoe that a man had ever worn. By using the process that they created to put the rubber soles onto the shoes, they knew they had a winner. In essence, they created the perfect pairing between a boot and a moccasin.

Clarks Wallabees Clarks Wallabees became instantly popular and are still some of the most sought after comfort shoes in the business. Today Clarks Wallabees are made for men and for women. One of the more popular styles of the Clarks Wallabees for men is the Clarks Wallabees Low Top Black Leather shoe. This Clark shoe is a classic, with the moccasin design and the crepe outsole which cushions the foot and gives you a walking experience like no other.

The shape of the shoe allows your toe to spread the way it naturally does, instead of squeezing it into an impossibly small space like most shoes do. The Clarks Wallabees Men's Boot is similar to the Clarks Wallabees Low Top, but has a slightly higher upper. The Clarks Wallabees men's boot is made of soft suede, or leather, depending on your personal preference, and has hand-sewn upper cradles. All Clarks Wallabees have no break in period, which means that you can slip your feet into them and immediately feel comfort.

Clarks Wallabees have become a classic for a reason: they're amazing. They're the perfect pair between style and comfort; between shoes and moccasins. The fact that they take no time to break in, and that you can wear them through all kinds of weather is a plus. The fact that they look great at the same time, is even more of a bonus.

Clarks Wallabees are, simply put, the best!., a site dedicated to high quality and comfort shoes like Clarks Wallabees.

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Clarks Wallabees A Perfect Pairing - Most women lust after shoes.

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