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by Anna Hartman

Proper makeup application should accentuate the positve, and hide flaws. Makeup tone and consistency is important, but of more importance is the type of lighting you will be seen in. You have probably read that makeup for day should be light and applied simply, using neurtral colors. This is because most office lighting is bright fluorescent lighting with a blueish undertone. This type of lighting sharpens all colors and sharply defines your features. In flouorescent lighting blue eyed people have a ruddy skine tone, while hazel and brown eyed people have a yellowish or greenish undertone to their skin. Hence, for day makeup, it is important to choose makeup colors and consistency that creates a sheer, natural and neutral look. This can best be accomplished by choosing makeup colors that closely match your own skin tone.

For daytime makeup, the consistency of the makeup is determined by your skin type. Foundation is available in liquid, cream, powder, cake and the new whipped forms. Basically, choose oil free or powder foundation if you have oily skin. Combination skin and normal or dry skin appear more natural with liquid, cream or whipped foundation types. Cream foundation is usually used for skin that has flaws to hide and for going out in the evening. A number of brands claim to produce the best coverage for you face. For day use, a sheer coverage is best, one that matches your skin tone. For evening use, a heavier consistency may be chosen, to add color to your complexion. A thin film of liquid foundation is best for a natural look and is commonly used for daily application. Liquid foundation can be water based, for oily skin, or oil based for dry, normal or combination skin. Most women can use a foundation with yellow undertones, although it is available in pink and orange undertones. Cream foundation is available in compacts and sticks and is the type used by most makeup artists because it covers the skin well and gives a flawless finish. Powder foundation is suitable for women with oily skin and in geographic locations where the humidity is quite high. These foundations can be applied as cream to powder or as powder. They give a dry fresh faced look to the skin. When applying makeup on a daily basis only high quality products should be used since they affect the health of the skin. Powder products are preferable since they control shine and have fewer preservatives and skin irritants than liquid or cream forms. If you must wear liquid makeup daily, choose one with a silicone base, since it will not cause acne. Use waterproof cosmetics only occassionally, since the products used to remove them will also remove the outer layer of sebum on the skin. Choose a foundation with an SPF of 15 or higher for daily use.

Black mascara and eyliner are the least allergenic of colorants. Eyebrow and eyeliner pencils that are wax based are good for daily use and they can be removed with only water. Using light earth tones in your daily makeup palette not only makes you look natural but are less irritating to the skin.

For evening, the lighting is usually dim or a warm toned incandescent light. This lower lit type of lighting allows us to use brighter and bolder colors to add more contrast to the face. For a dimly lit night out in the discotheque, we can use a lot of makeup with bold colors to add more contrast to the face. For a good base, wash your face with warm water, then plunge your face in a basin filled with ice water. This will cause makeup to last much longer. Apply a good tinted moisturizer or cream makeup. Set this base by going over it with loose or pressed powder.

Skin illunimator powders can give you a radiant glow. Pearly brown and gray eye shadows and red or dark hued lipstick make you look sophisticated. Bronze eyeliner will make you look instantly festive. Liberally apply black eyeliner and black mascara to bring out your eyes.

Blush is usually the last cosmetic applied to the face when doing makeup. The creative use of blush can make your face look wider or longer. To create a fresh faced look, smile, exposing the apples of your cheeks, and apply dusty pink blush to the apples of your cheeks and up to your temples and lightly on your nose and chin. To make your face look wider, with sculpted cheekbones, apply blush on the cheekbone from under the center of the eye to the temple. Suck in cheeks and apply a darker shade in the hollows of your cheeks in the shape of a 'C' up to the temples, but not higher than the eyebrows.

Frosted blush is generally not a good idea. Frosted highlighting is available in the in the illuminating powders currently on the market. Gel and liquid blush stain must be washed off and makeup completely redone if too much is applied. Powder blushes are more easily controlled and may be blotted off if too much is applied or can be freshened up throughout the day or evening as needed.

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