How To Look Younger With Lip Gloss!

by Camry James

Lip Gloss provides the final touch to your makeup; without it no look is complete. For a perfect result, you will need a steady hand, some practice, the correct implementation and a knowledge of the correct techniques.

What You Would Need? A narrow, flat ended brush, a selection of finely sharpened lip pencils, lip gloss and lipstick (either the conventional tube lipstick or the cream type with a sponge-tip applicator. If your lip colour is uneven, then you will need a special lip base or balancer-use a lighter tone on the dark areas and a dark tone on the light areas. These balancers also form a base for lipstick and help to keep the colour of the lipstick pure and clear.

A creamy and shimmery lip pencil smoothens lip tone and thus lends a better look to the lip gloss effect. Ladies with light and medium skin color should use pale natural shades of pencil for defining the lips and give them a better shape along with clear lip gloss with a sheer silver shimmer for a natural look.

To make your lips appear soft and light pink, you can line them with pink lip pencil and use the pink-toned lip-gloss. The other shades that will suit them are light mauve, plum with a bit of sheer shimmer gold, pinkish red that may have the touch of sheer shimmer gold, red and red brown. Dark-skinned ladies can try soft pink, reddish brown and deep brown shades of lip pencils with a lighter or similar shade of lip gloss for their lips to look fuller and fresh.

For some extra gloss, roll the wand applicator on the back of your hand until it collects in a tiny mound. Then scoop it up using the lip brush and spread it evenly on your lips. For feathering lips or lips having fine lines, gloss should only be used on the center of the lips. Too soft and creamy lip pencils get even more softened by the application of the lip gloss and may cause feathering. Targeting the application of lip gloss on the middle of the bottom lip makes thin lips appear bigger and fuller while to make too full tips look thinner, use deep matter lip colors only and avoid glossy finishes. For a daytime look that lasts all the day long, use a soft lip pencil to define the lips, use natural color lipstick, blot it with the tissue and avoid the gloss but in night, blend the pencil line with the lipstick using sponge applicator, to make lips appear fuller and get that spouty look and gloss them over.

Lip-gloss directed to the center of the mouth makes your lips look fuller while you can avoid matte lipsticks from drying and flaking by using a lip primer or color fixative before applying it. Special effects and highlights can be achieved by using sheer silver, gold or iridescent lip gloss over lip color. For evening special effects, apply a sheer lip-gloss in silver, gold or an iridescent shade over the lip color.

Vitamin E is good for lips to give them a natural glow while lip balm must be applied before applying lipstick to keep your lips moisturized, nourished and naturally rosy. It also prevents the lips from drying and developing of cracks. Lip gloss add the emphasis to the lips but smooth lips make it easier to glide on and lip gloss lasts longer on them. Even, if you are opting for a matte lip color; apply the lip balm before applying lipstick. Use creamy lipsticks for daily use to keep the lips moisturized and add an intense wet look with the help of lip gloss while transforming your makeup from daytime look to a night party look.

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