Why The Beauty Of Silver Is So Timeless

An old classic piece of jewelry has made a comeback in recent years. Silver, which has been around for centuries is becoming popular again. The simplicity of the color and ease of care has helped it along. Silver is one piece of jewelry that goes with all skin tones, colors and requires little care to keep its beauty. Unlike yellow gold silver has a bright fresh color that won't tarnish or fade the colors of your clothes. Whereas yellow gold has a tendency to clash with many colors, silver coordinates with jeans and a t-shirt but goes just as beautifully with an evening gown.

Since silver is a more subtle color you can sneak a pair of stud earrings with your baseball cap. Silver seems to compliment all skin tones and colors. It doesn't make you look yellow or washed out the way yellow gold does with some skin colors. It looks just as beautiful on a Caucasian woman as African American. It always has a fresh just cleaned looked that seems to fade quickly with yellow gold. Another great aspect of silver is the price.

It is much cheaper than diamonds or gold yet looks just as expensive. The price is low enough that you can purchase several pieces of quality silver jewelry as compared to one piece of gold. Since the price is lower it is more affordable for all women and looks just as expensive as other jewelry.

Silvery has been around for many years and will likely be around for many more. If you look in your grandmother's jewelry you are likely to find silver jewelry from fifty or sixty years ago, making silver very versatile. Silver jewelry also combines well with gemstones. More and more woman is opting for silver gemstone settings than ever before. Next to a gemstone silvery brings the color all the way through the gem. It is a smooth fresh color that would look beautiful with any gemstone.

You can combine your jewelry and mix and match with greater ease. Silver is so versatile that even through many centuries it keeps returning. It coordinates with a variety of colors and skin tones. Most likely your grandma wore some silver when she was a young woman. The price is always much lower than yellow gold or diamonds, making it easy to afford for woman from all walks of life.

So the next time you put in a pair of earrings or put on a necklace remember the staying power of silver. Put down the mismatching yellow gold and grab for you silver earrings and try them with your baseball hat, it is okay now who knew you could look so beautiful?.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Sterling Silver Jewelry at

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