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Cinderella knew that it takes a little magic to find the perfect pair of shoes. Every woman has a unique size and shape, and there is no single style that fits us all perfectly. Feet are like fingerprints; no two are exactly alike. Some are wide and flat, others are short and slender, and every one is different.

Forward-thinking shoe manufacturers have turned to science, creating more comfortable, specially-designed shoes to meet the needs of all women. As a result, women of all sizes can enjoy new designs and trendy styles. There is no way that a woman with wide feet should be expected to suffer in shoes that have been mass-produced for their skinny-feet sisters. We all deserve no less than pure comfort and style.

Now, shoe designers are seeing the light, and we are able to choose women's wide-width shoes for fashionistas, office workers, athletes, women in the trades and brides. From sandals and pumps to loafers and steel-toe job-rated shoes, virtually every style of shoe is available in wide widths. Hundreds of online retailers and boutiques offer shoes of all types, including the relatively new category of women's wide width shoes. Search online for the Internet homes of Zappos, Lane Bryant and Maryland Square.

You'll find terrific websites, like and It's just a sample of the many online shops selling virtually every variety of wide-width shoes for women seeking fashionable styles and colors. Wide Width Brands Almost all of the renowned companies use the scientific structure of a woman's foot in mind when designing and creating shoes.

As a result, women's wide width shoes are now offered by many popular brand names. Designer shoe label A Marinelli has introduced the Brook, Carolina, Cathie and Corina styles in wide widths. Anne Klein is another very successful brand that offers women's wide width shoes, including the Cleo, Fanny, Cabos, Bailey, Beril, Bryon and Preston styles.

When listing the well-known brands that offer women's wide width shoes, it would be remiss to exclude names like Hush Puppies, Adidas, Jessica Bennette, Ros Hommerson, New Balance and La Canadienne. Sesto Mucci, Walking Cradles, Dino Monti, Jennifer B., J. Renee, Dani Black, Via Spiga and Soft Style are other popular choices. These brands, and others, have acquired tremendous response on the world market through the online sales. Types of Wide Width Shoes Women's wide width shoes are available in a variety of types, designed to meet the needs of all women.

No longer reserved for casual wear only, women's wide shoes are now found in dressy and athletic lines, boots, sandals, slippers and industrial and work-related styles. Once upon a time, wide-footed women had to force their feet into shoes created for their petite-feet sisters. Worse still, they would try to endure the embarrassment of wearing clunky men's styles. Then one day, not so long ago, women began to live happily ever after in wide width shoes created just for them. Cinderella would definitely approve.

Essayist Aretha Rudford contributes articles to several popular Internet magazines, on shoes shopping and product review topics.

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