Sexy Female Tattoos More than Just Butterflies

What comes to mind when you contemplate tattoos? Adventurous pirates sailing the high seas? Hardened men imprisoned for life? Harley Davidson aficionados? Do you ever think about your best friend or colleague? You may be surprised to learn that many women have tattoos, and the majority of these probably regularly see the rewards of having sexy female tattoos. Were you told as you were growing up that having tattoos wasn't feminine? If you still think this is true, wake up! Deciding to have a tattoo is in all reality one of the most feminine experiences you can choose. These designs don't have to be elaborate works of art that reflect armed services duty; rather they are subtle, yet sexy images of your perception of femininity.

What exactly defines a sexy tattoo? The answer to this question is entirely your choice. Selecting a design is the ultimate expression of individual freedom. You have the opportunity to make every decision surrounding it. Everything - the color, shape, size, design, and location, is all up to you. You have the freedom to define "sexy" any way you want to.

A lot of women choose to place their tattoos at the small of their backs. For many reasons, this location is an excellent choice. Depending on the clothes you select, you can either display it prominently or conceal it completely. When it is visible, it draws the eye to this particularly flattering aspect of your body. Perhaps you want something a little bit more discreet and hidden. Luckily, your beautiful body offers you a wealth of possibilities.

Many people opt for a tiny flower or butterfly on the hip. Although these tattoos are usually hidden my clothing, showing them to someone isn't a difficult task. Defining the most popular description of a "sexy" tattoo is difficult, because the number of different tattoos is as great as the number of women who choose them. Some polls indicate that most recent trends in popular locations for tattoos are the lower back, hip, and navel. These locations are also very flattering to most female figures. Are you interested in tattooing, but nervous about the process? Don't be! Tattoo artists are just that: artistic professionals.

If you go to a clean, official studio - and you should always make sure that you do - you are guaranteed to find an artist you're comfortable working with. You can be sure that your artist will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve when you're making such an important decision. Sexy female tattoos are much more than just attracting men, however. Tattoos can be used to commemorate any occasion you desire. Perhaps the memory of a special person is important, or maybe you just want to have the fun of getting one. Whatever the reason for your decision is, know that your need for the ultimate expression of individual personality will be wholly satisfied by your decision to get a tattoo.

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