Paying Through The Nose For Rhinoplasty

Is it me or is it becoming a fast popular trend to go under the knife for a quick nip and tuck? Not long ago this was something only the rich and famous would undergo to improve upon their looks, and often to hold onto their youth. One of the most popular forms of plastic surgery is rhinoplasty - in other words getting a nose job. Anyone could easily book a consultation and transform their facial appearance through simple reshaping of the nose.

Every individual is his or her own critic. There is always someone that you have come across yourself whereby they have wanted to change something about their appearance and very often this will be discussed with no real ambition to take immediate action.

The most common thing to hear from people is the desire to lose weight, change their hair colour, get a haircut or change the way they dress. These things can be more easily achieved than going for plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty or nose job, has its place both in the cosmetic and medical world.

It is considered a cosmetic procedure to dramatically change the way a person looks and improve the way they feel about his or her self. It becomes a medical treatment when someone needs to have the procedure done to breathe through his or her nose properly due to a past injury. These can be completed within a day (day case) or you may need to stay in hospital for a few days - this all depends upon the extent of the procedure and what you will be having done to your nose.

The cost of the procedure can vary, if you are considering rhinoplasty then you should do your research first so you know what to expect from your first surgery. Make sure you find a reputable consultant and surgeon and never opt for a place that you have never heard of. The basic things to keep in mind is to know exactly what you want to change about your nose, such as making it narrower, bone reduction or a complete reshape.

You will need to be specific, as you want the procedure to go well enough so you can wake up to the desired result.

The average cost of the procedure in the UK alone is between 2000 pounds and 3000 pounds, however this can reach up to 5000 pounds depending on the medical agency you approach to have the procedure done. It has been known on special circumstances that people have had the rhinoplasty completed under the NHS - do not hold your breath if this is what you are hoping for, as this is in extreme circumstances for people who need it done for medical purposes.

The cost of any cosmetic surgery is far more expensive than you hope it to be, however this is no longer something exclusive to the rich and famous. In fact, more people are opting towards going under the knife, as it may be an easier option for them. This has its medical place in improving ones quality of life and improving their health.

In the cosmetic world, this will help one to raise their confidence again.

Unfortunately, if you want to do it purely for cosmetic purposes then you will need to make costing arrangements yourself. Of course, with any procedure you will find that there are risks involved, which the consultant will go through with you. You must adhere to their preparation process before your surgery date, as this will ensure everything will go smoothly. Avoid going through the procedure if you are suffering from a cold or minor illnesses, as this may cause an infection during the healing process. Something you will not want when on painkillers for four weeks!


About the Author (text)Anna Stenning is an expert on rhinoplasty, known as a nose job and how the pricing can affect what procedure you have done. For more information visit

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