Organic Skin Care A Modern Spin On An Old Idea

Organic skin care is not as wildly popular as it was a few years ago, but many people are still very interested in the natural benefits organic skin care has to offer. For years people who were interested enough in natural ways to help their skin or make other adjustments to their bodies made their own skin care items. Oatmeal as a facial, cucumber for refreshing skin and helping circles beneath the eyes, or lemon to lighten hair.

The moment cosmetics companies picked up on the value of natural elements, more and more natural ingredients went into skin care and cosmetic products. The sudden increase became in vogue and everyone began to realize the benefits natural skin care could bring. But did you know that using ingredients naturally derived ingredients is not a new idea? What we really have done is to put a new spin on an old idea.

Cultures from the past, such as the Egyptians, have constantly turned to nature for methods of creating cures and treatments for health and skin conditions. The benefit we have over ancient cultures is that of science. Scientists have been able to help prove or disprove the use of certain elements and point out specific properties that some natural components do have.

These properties can include natural emulsifiers, emollients, antioxidants, humectants, astringents, and anti irritants. Even better, scientists are able to realize the full potential of many natural ingredients by combining them with synthesized ingredients. Even the most organic of products is going to have some synthetic ingredients, but these are there to help the skin and produce the best results from the organic ingredients, so they are nothing to be afraid of. This is a good fact to know, as many people who subscribe to organic skin care are not just concerned about looking beautiful. Organic skin care is about keeping skin healthy and leading a healthier life in the world.

Keeping yourself naturally beautiful can feel much more fulfilling than relying solely on synthetics and methods such as chemical peels. There are various methods used to obtain natural ingredients and add them into products. Botanical extracts are probably the most popular.

Many ingredients are used for different reasons and many can be tailored to fit specific skin types. Honey: Honey is known for its antioxidant powers and also has anti microbial features. Honey is also used to help skin suffering from sun damage and helping to rejuvenate tired skin by helping it to absorb and preserve moisture.

For these reasons honey has been added to skin care treatments and utilized in the skin care world. Shea Butter. What was once a casual ingredient has now been recognized as a powerful benefit to skin in a multitude of ways. Shea butter can be found in hundreds of different products from lotion to scrubs.

Pure shea butter that has not been altered in any way can provide help to people who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Shea butter also provides a therapeutic effect, helping to calm both you and your skin. Jojoba. Jojoba is yet another naturally occurring skin care remedy that acts as a natural moisturizer and helps to soften unhappy skin. Jojoba oil is also recommended for people suffering from eczema as a safe and natural way to calm and moisturize skin. Other ingredients can include: Safflower oil, rose hip oil, aloe vera, beeswax, tea tree oil, witch hazel, sesame oil, avocado oil, and chamomile.

You may also find extracts of lemon, cucumber, grape seed, green or black tea, and licorice. Each of these natural ingredients can be mixed with synthesized ingredients to help unlock their potential and provide their individual advantageous properties. The next time you are looking for new skin care products, try looking into organic ways of treating your skin. Past cultures did not have our advances, so now is the time to make the most of organic skin care.

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