Makeup Application

by Anna Carpenter

Steps for Makeup Application

1. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise at least half an hour before applying your make up, so that it has time to absorb.

2. Apply cover cream. When using concealer, it should be one level lighter than your skin tone.

Concealer comes in different colours:

Skin coloured Yellow - covers blue, including the delicate area under the eye. Green - covers red

3. Now it is time to apply foundation. Foundation is used to even out the skin tone. The best test when choosing a colour, is by applying to the chin and blending into the neck.

Liquid foundation - Apply using clean fingers Stick or cake foundation - Use a damp sponge.

4. If you are using cream blush, apply now.

5. Apply translucent powder, all over the face, using a powder puff, brush or cotton ball.

6. If you are using powder blush, apply now

7. Your eyebrows can affect your whole face, and facial expressions. If they need tidying up, or you wish to fill in colour, do so now.

8. Apply eye colour

9. Apply eyeliner

10. Apply mascara using a cake or wand. Use a maximum of two coats only. If you are applying a second coat, make sure the first is dry beforehand. Curl lashes after using mascara.

11. Use a lip liner and lip colour. Lip liner helps to prevent bleeding. Make sure the lip liner matches the colour of the lipstick.

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