Jewelry as art in Topeka

Don't overlook the interesting and affordable at local shops When we think of buying jewelry, especially the fashion variety, we usually think of going to a department store or a boutique-type clothing store where we find the latest trendy item probably made outside of this country. But there are several sources for interesting and affordable jewelry in Topeka that are often overlooked. Art galleries and shops are wonderful places to find one-of-a- kind jewelry pieces that aren't only made in the United States, but are very likely handmade in Topeka by both well-known or emerging artists.They provide manifold services and all kinds of jewelry such as wholesale costume jewelry,fashion jewelry wholesale,wholesale jewelry,jewelry supply,pearl jewelry,body jewelry etc. Follow galleries and shops can give you what you wanted and also may make you enjoyself. The Collective Gallery The Collective Gallery consists of a consortium of artists working in a variety of mediums, including jewelry.

Allison Shaefor, daughter of local favorites Bo and Doug Sheafor, of the Albo Glass team, is showing some of the most innovative jewelry. She places small glass beads inside organically shaped blown glass pods, which are hung on chains and leather bands as pendants. Laura Timmons, of Leawood, weaves fibers and metal wire with gems and beads to make softly textured neck pieces in subtle, elegant colors. Linda Gebert, of Wichita, works in silver, clay, 24-karat gold, gems and cloisonne enamel. Glass Expressions Just walking into Glass Expressions is a feast for the eyes, not only for the collection of fine glass home accessories but for the display cases full of jewelry. A consistently popular artist is Eleanore Macnish, a former Topekan now living in Albuquerque, N.

M. She makes "happy" jewelry, as she calls it, that incorporates bright, colorful lampwork beads. Her signature bead is a black bead with raised white dots on it. The store can't get enough of her black and white earrings to add to the collections of her followers. Margie Weidenbaker and the Glass Expressions staff spend a lot of time educating their customers about the processes used in glass bead- making.

You can learn more about cased, sparkling glass beads that have glass pigment under clear glass from internationally known Penrose Designs; dichroic glass, a material that manipulates light to simultaneously produce two very different colors; and Kromastones from the technologies of "thin film" physics and vacuum deposition, refracting colors that shift when viewed from different angles. And if you don't care about any of these details, the jewelry is just plain gorgeous. The Phoenix Gallery The Phoenix Gallery represents so many jewelry artists that it takes some time to really see all of the selections. Brooches and bracelets by Connie Bentjen incorporate vintage silver spoons that take on the forms of angels; wonderful hand-twisted silver earrings - -- each one different, so mix and match --- by Topekans Stacey and Monique Davis; and refined silver necklaces, rings and bracelets with asymmetrically cut gemstones by Lilly Barrick to wear with contemporary business attire. And you mustn't overlook the outstanding vintage American Indian silver and turquoise from the collection of gallery owner Kyle Garcia.

Mulvane Art Gallery The Mulvane Art Gallery, located on the Washburn University campus, is a hidden treasure for jewelry-lovers. You will find charming amulet-type pendants created with the gardener in mind. Carletha Kosky combines ribbons, beads, and wrapped paper collages of garden scenes.

Laura Smith, of Kansas City, makes large, chunky and whimsical heart brooches using beads, buttons and other found objects. Frankie Parman, the acquisitions chairman for the museum, says that women are wearing brooches almost everywhere except on a lapel - -- on handbags, belts and skirt pockets. The museum's business is especially successful during the holiday season. So think outside the box when considering gifts for someone special or adding to your own unique jewelry collection.

Topeka has it all.

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