How to choose correct baby powder

Baby Powders are used for protection of Tender Baby Skin. The Powder is sprinkled on the Babies, to absorb excess moisture keeping skin dry & to provide smooth surface so as to avoid Nappy rash. There are so many products available both in Corporate & Private Label Brands. There are companies expertise in making Talc Powder for Babies, Men & Ladies. The Raw talc is sourced from the finest quality of Mining of Rajasthan (State in India). Talc is a low price product and abundant resource in India.

The Raw talc is then Sterilized at In-house sterilization facility and sent for the complete conversion for finished Consumer packing factory. The Other ingredients in Talcum Powder comprises of Perfume, Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Stearate. The Talc is available in whiteness units from 91 to 96.

The Products of Baby Powder are available in Containers / Plastic Bottles ranging from 50 gms., 60 gms. (2 Oz.

), 100 gms, 125 gms. (4 Oz.), 200 gms. 400 Gms & 625 Gms (22 Oz.). The Baby Powder Containers & Ingredients are fully sterilized with & zero fungal & microbial counts.

There are following Baby Powders available in the market: - 1. Talc - Free powder: Especially for babies which is made with Maize Starch blended with Kaolin & Calcium Carbonate. 2. Anti-fungal Powders: With Clotrimazole Anti-Fungal / Anti-Bacterial Agents.

The Baby Powder products have to be produced in compliance of WHO & GMP Norms of Manufacturing Practice undergoing thorough Quality Control & Analysis standards. Because it important to have the fungal & microbial counts within limits of Cosmetic products regulation of any country. Usually Baby Powder are available with Powder Puff Cases. Generally, during Dusting, excess amount of Powder is sprinkled if not handled properly. To avoid that, Powder Puffs are used so as to enable proper application or rubbing.

In most of the countries Baby Powder is applied after every Nappy/Diaper Change. The Perfume is recommended to have Lower dosages in comparison to any other Men's or Ladies' Body Talc, because the higher content of Perfume may cause nostril irritation to Babies. India has become one of the leading countries for Outsourcing of Finished Baby Talc Powders. Because of its abundant natural resource, economic labor & new-age quality controls, the Exports of Baby Powder from India is increasing day by day.

The Production in India is in accordance to Indian FDA standards. Super Fine Talc used in Baby Powders provides better spreadability & smoothness. Most of the Baby Powders today are also enriched with Vitamin E or Almond Oil or Olive Oil, for extra skin nourishment. It is advisable to apply Baby Powder on clean & dry Skin so as to prevent formation of powder smudges. .

Tarkesh Botadra is a well experienced chemical engineer, R&D for Cosmetology and consultancy in private label production. Visit for more information on baby care products like baby powder.

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