Finding Beautiful Sterling Silver Jewelry

Many people love silver jewelry, there's something very special about it. Silver has been used to make beautiful jewelry for thousands of years; even ancient civilizations recognized the natural beauty of silver. It's very beautiful and extravagant it can also go with almost any outfit without clashing.

There are many types of silver engagement and wedding rings on the market today. The best option when you are shopping around for silver jewelry is to look out for designer silver jewelry. This is so you can easily tell the quality of the piece.

By buying high quality jewelry you can be sure it will last for a long time to come and won't cause any skin irritation. It can however be quite difficult to find nice silver jewelry at reasonable prices. What Is Silver? Silver is a fairly soft metal, because of this when it is used in jewelry it is often mixed with another metal to form an alloy known as sterling silver. In a similar way gold is too soft and is also mixed with other metals. Sterling silver is a very popular material for jewelry.

Your Best Options When Looking For Designer Silver Jewelry When you are looking for affordable pieces of sterling silver designer jewelry you do have a few options. One of the best stores that you should check out is Anixi Jewelry. This company produces a number of very delicate silver designs which you are bound to love.

This jewelry makes a perfect accessory for any outfit. Anixi celery is very proud in their designs and the service that they offer. You can tell you can trust them because they offer customers a 30 day money back no quibble guarantee on all of their products. This means if you don't enjoy what you brought you could simply take it back for a refund. Another store that you should take a look at is The Jewelry Room. They offer a wide range of handcrafted silver jewelry for that completely unique look.

All of their jewelry is created by well known designers from all around the world. Care and Maintenance of Designer Silver Jewelry There are some important things that you should know when wondering how to care and look after your silver jewelry. You should use a phosphate free detergent to clean your silver, and also make sure it is not an abrasive cleaner. Using an abrasive cleaner could damage the surface. One great polish is produced by 3M, it's called Tarni-Shield and is specifically for polishing silver. This will clean the metal very well without risking damaging the surface.

If you don't want to buy any specialist polishes then you can just use toothpaste. Lots of people use toothpaste to clean their silver. However experts do not recommend this as it is fairly abrasive and over time is likely to damage the shiny finish of the metal.

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