Celebrity Hairstyles How Do You Keep Up WIth Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

Everybody loves celebrities they are today's heroes and heroines - their fashion styles are copied by high street stores and are available all over the world. We want to look as good as our idols, and hope that if we copy their hair, their make-up, and their clothes, we may eventually have their success. Of course, we don't have the advantage of a team of professional make-up artists, stylists and photographers - no matter so long as we think we look a little like them then we are happy! There are other perfectly good reasons to copy the celebrity hairstyles. Unlike them we may not be able to afford some of the best beauty professionals in the industry - but we still get an idea of the style. Their stylists are usually at the front of the fashion trends and we want to be the first to copy them. Farrah Fawcett Major's 1970's haircut became almost iconic and is still copied by many women.

Farrah Fawcett Major is the American actress who starred in the series 'Charlie's Angels'. Her blond, rough cut, layered and feathered, flicked style was copied by young women everywhere and it is a stile that can still be seen. The most popular celebrity hairstyle of the 80's was that of the actress Meg Ryan, whose tousled, layered hair which accentuated her natural wave it was asked for so often that it made some stylists question whether there would ever again be requests for a style than 'the Meg Ryan Cut'.

Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez's locks are the most copied celebrity hairstyles of today and some people say that Jessica Simpson's style could be added to the list. Nowadays men are also interested in their hero's style and male celebrity hairstyles are also carefully watched by the hairstyle experts. Ashton Kutcher's tousled textured hair is rapidly gaining in popularity closely followed by the styles of Matthew Fox, Adrien Brody, and Johnny Depp.

Take a look back over the last forty years and you'll see that fashion changes rapidly, month by month. If you hope to be at the cutting edge, so to speak, then you need to keep a constant check on web-sites dedicated to celebrity hairstyles to get a clear idea of what the 'in' thing is and who is wearing. Not all the websites and hair magazines agree with each other, so do some research and compare notes. Take the changing 'in' styles over just the last year for instance and you'll get some idea of how quickly fashion changes.

Consider color for example, during winter the soft, rich brown tones were popular and platinum white/blonde color tones not considered to be 'in'. This changed during summer ash and platinum blondes were 'in' but dark brown and red were most definitely out. As for style; the old school glamour styles of summer were replaced with flicked back curls during autumn, and solid bangs and headbands for winter. Yes, you certainly need to keep an eye on hairstyle fashion if you want to look like a celebrity! Just bear in mind that you don't have a celebrity hairstyle team on hand so make sure you choose a hairstyle that is easy to keep looking good all day.

Not only should you like the look of it, it should suit you. Some styles may look great on a celebrity but when you try them are totally wrong for your shape face or hair type. It's best to have a collection of pictures of celebrity hairstyles you like and then ask your hairstylist which one they think would suit you best. Summary: Celebrities can afford the best hairstylists and often wear the latest trends making fashion statements that others want to follow. But fashion changes quickly. How do you keep up with celebrity hairstyle trends?.

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