Aromatherapy Bath Body Products Work

For hundreds of thousands of years, aromatherapy has been used by people for a variety of purposes from honoring the gods and ancestors, to healing, to using them for cosmetic and bathing purposes. Nothing much has changed even until today. Incense burned at temples and at home is still infused with the fragrant essences of plants and herbs.

Perfumes as still made from essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. And we still use herbal and floral products to scent our baths. Aromatherapy bath body product works in a hundred different ways.

For one, aromatherapy bath body product works by offering us therapeutic, as well as physical benefits. Sometimes, aromatherapy bath body product works depending on the type of essential oil, carrier oil, hydrosol, and the like used. To find out how aromatherapy bath body products work, you need to know what the specific effects of each type of essential oil are. Fortunately, we have here a list of essential oils and how they work for your benefit.

Monoterpenes Monoterpenes in aromatherapy bath body product works as an anti-viral, antiseptic, and bactericidal. Examples of monoterpenes are lemon, pine, and frankincense. Monoterpenes can be highly irritating to the skin but at the same time, they can also be used to help cleanse the skin from dirt and germs. Esters Esters in aromatherapy warm bath body products work as a fungicide and a sedative. It helps relax muscles and joints, relieving you of stress and pain. Esters are also very aromatically pleasing, thus contributing to the overall relaxing feel.

Examples of esters are bergamot, clary sage, and lavender. Aldehydes Aldehydes in aromatherapy warm bath body product works as an antiseptic generally. But like Esters, aldehydes may also be sedating.

Some examples are Melissa, lemongrass, and cirtronella. Ketones Ketones in aromatherapy warm bath body products work to ease congestion. They accomplish this by aiding the flow of mucus. They can be a good addition to a hot bath, especially if you are feeling the effects of cold or flu, but you must exercise caution because they can be toxic as well.

Aromatherapy baths body product works of this kind include fennel, hyssop, and sage. Alcohols Alcohols in aromatherapy warm bath body product works as antiseptic for the skin. Alcohols, such as rosewood, geranium, and rose are also anti-viral with uplifting qualities. Phenols Phenols in aromatherapy warm baths body product works as a stimulant.

They are also bactericidal, therefore very good at preventing skin disease or disorders. However, they can be highly irritating to the skin so add only a few drops of phenols in your bath to dilute them. Examples include clove, thyme, and oregano.

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