Acne the Scourge of Youth

Plan a date; get ready for the prom, set the date for your senior picture or just want to look nice. What always happens; you know, acne, a zit as big as a cabbage lands on your face or on your nose. You feel like an alien in a land of smooth skinned movie stars.

Why don't the popular kids get acne? What are they doing that you aren't doing. Why me; why me; why does this always happen to me. I'm a good person; why am I plagued with acne.

No one knows for sure why people, especially teenagers, get acne. In the fifties and sixties, teens were told that chocolate caused acne or eating too much fried food caused acne. No one really knew anything to do except use Noxzema and pray. There were only acne treatments, no cures. Having acne was seen as a rite of passage. Today we know much more about acne and acne treatments.

Some people have acne so bad that they take prescription medicine so strong that they must sign that they will not get pregnant while taking the drug. Other people take natural acne treatments because the idea of using potentially harmful treatments scares them more than the acne. The major problem with acute acne is that it can cause acne scars so bad that people have to seek acne laser treatments to improve their skin. Still others go to the grocery store and find over the counter acne products. As anyone who has ever suffered from acne will tell you, acne can rob you of your dignity and your feelings of self-worth.

Our outward appearance, especially during the teen years, is so important. I know, "Pretty is as pretty does." Well, pretty never seems to have acne. People can be so cruel to acne sufferers. They can call you tomato face, pimple face, scar man or hundreds of ugly taunts.

Because teens need to look good to feel good about themselves, the market for acne treatments is enormous. Commercials on television are always advertising the latest in acne medications especially during teen shows. The kids on the show always have smooth, blemish free faces and look exactly like every teen wants to look. Teens want to buy whatever acne medication is new and different in the hope that this new acne treatment will work better than others. There are even infomercials about acne treatments and acne cover-ups.

These infomercials show adults who are looking for make-up to cover-up acne or acne scars. This heavy make-up does seem to cover up scaring or acne on the people doing the infomercial. There are also infomercials about adult acne solutions.

Unfortunately, some adults do still get acne. There is a huge market of acne medications or acne treatments for adult acne, not on just the face but also for people who suffer from acne back. Shame makes these people fear others seeing their acne. One truth remains. There is no cure for acne but there are steps that can be taken to help prevent it. People who think that youth is wasted on the young probably never had acne.

After years as an educator and more degrees than she can count, Frances Coleman now writes professionally. She is a prolific reader with an advanced degree in research techniques. Learn more ways to prevent acne.

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